John Deere and South Plains Implement's Commitment on Right to Repair:

We support a customer’s right to safely maintain, diagnose, and repair their own equipment. To facilitate this, Deere provides the tools, parts, information guides, training videos and manuals needed for farmers to work on their machines, including remote access
for technicians to provide long-distance support. John Deere strives to ensure our equipment is manufactured to the highest engineering standards to maximize performance while protecting the health and safety of our customers and the environment. However, we do not support the right to modify embedded software due to the risks associated with safe operation of equipment, emissions compliance, and engine performance. We remain committed to providing innovative solutions that support our customer’s needs.

Some of the existing tools we offer to customers to maintain and repair agricultural equipment
  • Access to parts, operator, and technical/repair manuals —see
  • Customer Service ADVISOR is a diagnostic and information tool that customers can use to view schematics, diagnostic code definitions and other information to make their own repairs.
  • JDLink™ system that connects the machine's information to the web and can alert customers to issues as they develop and provide other useful information like location and status.
  • John Deere Connected Support™ allows dealers to remotely observe, analyze and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes in near real time to identify potential issues with a customer's machine. This speeds up the diagnostic and repair process, maximizes uptime and lowers the cost of repair for the customer.